What’s on my mind: a revolution of ideas

What is the difference between creating and contributing to positive growth?
Is it enough to achieve without making the world better?
Through artistic creation we can awaken, awaken humanity towards the realization of love and the only remedy.

It will be individual revelation that will be the revolution. It will be individual inner change that will constitute the collective conscious balance. This is how the world will change, and every ailment with it. Not by doing per say, but by being. Remembering who we are and our connection to one another, this is how light overcomes any darkness.

It starts with small changes in the way we think, the way we act, the way we take care of ourselves, the way we eat, the images we consume; which will culminate in an inner growth that our outer experience will mirror.

What is conceived in the eye of the mind gives birth to reality.


Dance Edition: Blacka Di Danca

Introducing Blacki Di Danca

This young man is doing big things in the dancehall scene, on a global scale.
I had the privlege of getting to know Blacka when we worked together on my Pop bella hall project several years ago. Watching him grow into this fearless trendsetter has been an inspirational pleasure. blacka2

Blacka had an undeniable passion for dance since the first day I met him, he is a natural dancer that brings a spiritual quality to his style of dancehall. He has recently returned to New York fresh off a solo European tour where he taught dancehall workshops in countries like Russia, England, Italy, France, Germany amongst many others. Keeping up with his instagram is like following a travel channel, the boy gets around.
What is so impressive and inspiring about Blacka is his fearless determination and commitment to his vision. He wants to share the beauty and culture of dancehall with the world, and with a positive and humble spirit he went out and did just that. Can’t wait to bring him to Toronto to teach a workshop at the new DSBCD studios***

check out this video of one of Blacka’s workshops in the UK:

Madeleine’s mind is pleased to present Blacka Di Dancer as our ‘Mind Influencer’.
Check out more info and stay connected with him here:
Facebook: Blacka Fan page

Mumia Abu Jamal—> Review of “Long Distance Revolutionary”

The tests that God gives us…. and the spirits whom can endure.


I recently attended a screening of the documentary “Long distance Revolutionary” at York University. The documentary is about the political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, a man who has been imprisoned for over 30 years – most of that time spent on death row. Before his imprisonment, Mumia was an acclaimed journalist from Philadelphia. Despite his incarceration, Mumia has thrived under these inhumane circumstances producing thousands of literary commentaries and books which are praised internationally by some of our generations most celebrated scholars. Despite the powers that be trying to silence him, his voice is heard loudly throughout the world – there is even a street named after him in France and murals painted in the streets in Mexico. Despite the daily torment of time and solitude, Mumia’s smile lights up the screen in all its gap-toothed glory. A true Revolutionist. I remember at one point in the film Mumia was discussing what it meant to be a ‘Revolutionist’ – how many people have these ideas of revolutionists being extremely radical and crazy. It really struck me when he said “Revolutionists are people who are examples of love. The root of every Revolutionist is Love, for it is the love that one has for the people that makes it impossible for him to sit back and watch them be oppressed on any level – no matter if they look like us or not.”
His articulation of society is almost like that of an alien’s who is looking at our world from the outside in, foreign and unbiased, yet accurately correct allowing ourselves to see our own blind spots. The film “Long Distance revolutionary” is a story of the unbreakable power of the human spirit and a testament to the fact that the truth can never be silenced.
The truth is still true, no matter what the world says, does or believes.
Free Mumia.

here are some quotes from Mumia, but I encourage you to see the documentary and to read his books which can be purchased in the link below.

“Prison is a second-by-second assault on the soul, a day-to-day degradation of the self, an oppressive steel and brick umbrella that transforms seconds into hours and hours into days.”
― Mumia Abu-Jamal

“The men laugh at the witty line, but it is not a belly laugh. Beasley’s mouth is in a wide smile, but his eyes do not laugh, for there is little reason for joy. And if eyes are indeed mirrors of the soul, then they reflect an infinite sadness. I look away, afraid of what mine might reflect”
― Mumia Abu-Jamal

“here and there
in the barrios and the favelas,
among those who have least,
beat hearts of hope,
fly sparks of Overcoming. ”
― Mumia Abu-Jamal, Death Blossoms: Reflections from a Prisoner of Conscience

Book by Mumia can be purchased here http://www.goodreads.com/author/list/57926.Mumia_Abu_Jamal

The influence of a legend: YURIKO

During my time dancing with The Martha Graham Ensemble, I had the privilege of dancing in Martha’s 1936 masterpiece “Steps in the Streets”. It was staged and re-constructed on us by the legendary Yuriko.

Yuriko turned 93 on February 2, but save for her use of a walker, she could easily pass for 25 years younger.


She became, through twists of fate and her own desire to dance, the first Japanese-American modern dancer to perform with the Graham company. It broke a racial barrier. As a performer she held everyone’s attention with her beauty and intensity.

To this day her words from that rehearsal process still ring clear in my head on a regular basis. She instilled in us the need for authenticity as performers, the language of the body and the marriage of dance and revolutionary politics. You see dance became a tool to raise consciousness or encourage protest. The U.S. government toured Martha Graham and other dancers to cement their status as a world power much as they tout the Olympics today. Communist and anti-Communists alike seized on dance as a non-verbal way to make points, a cold war of pirouettes.

martha graham3

Yuriko speaks with a severe honesty that is known to hurt the ego as it helps the soul. A tough love type of teaching that demands humility, respect and a thirst for excellence.

I remember Yuriko came to the studio and requested everyone audition for her. She cut me. I was devastated.
I went home, and later that evening my director called. She said Yuriko told her that a voice told her to put me in the piece, that I was supposed to be in it and she had made a mistake not choosing me.
I now know why. It’s crazy how you can know someone for such a short time, and they can have such a profound influence on your life.

martha graham2

Known throughout the dance world simply as Yuriko, she was recently the recipient of the Foreign Minister’s Commendation from the Japanese government, recognized for her outstanding achievements in the field of dance and for her contribution to friendly relations between Japan and the United States.