Track 2 – Traffic


Traffic – Chinese Bamboo EP

The trafficking of people, particularly children is a lucrative and prolific trade today. The mere stats alone do not resonate enough motivation for calls to action, so I wrote this song.

The song “Traffic” has impacted the world in a positive way. It inspired an event titled  “Moving Traffic” – an interactive event using the arts to help and to heal survivors of human trafficking, held on June 12th, 2014. The event raised $5700 for The Mahima Home, a holistic center for minors who have been trafficked in Kolkata, India. #MovingTraffic featured performances by Musicians from Canada and The US, high calibre dance and spoken word. The event itself was also publicly endorsed by Mayor Pat Perkins. To see photos from the event go here



Track 3 – 10,000 years


10,000 years – Chinese Bamboo EP

An ancient perspective on a modern day world.

“Living online, well it don’t make you smart,
swell the ego dull the hero inside.

Manufactured show, that’s merely just a ghost
of the you in the flesh caught in the web.

10,000 years” was featured on the BeeFM Indiscovered Compilation CD and received the following review:

“When we heard “10,000 Years” for the first time, we were speechless. It’s very uncommon to listen to such a powerful song that comes from a young emerging artist. It is an absolutely epic piece of work and one of our first choices for the compilation” – BeeFM



Track 4 – Queen of the dance



Queen of the dance – Chinese Bamboo EP

There is a resurgence of the Feminine aspect of the psyche happening, this song pays tribute to this feeling.


Ancient Celtic folk meets modern urban flow.

Track 5 – Zim zsa



Zim zsa – Chinese Bamboo EP

“A real bad gyal
she know how to move it
but with intelligence she know how to use it
she know her power but she don’t abuse it
beauty, brains and ya better not confuse it
I’m not the type that you wanna mis-use it
cause if you do, than your face I gotta bruise it
I can not say that I never am afraid
but I never back down and I never run away”

Looking at women from a new perspective, may require social changes.






Track 6 – Transmutation



Transmutation – Chinese Bamboo EP

A system designed to mess with our minds, plot man against woman so neither can find…

Transmutation is the changing or transferring of one element or form of energy into another.’





Track 7 – The dreamer


The dreamer

“What did the dream say to the dreamer?
Doubt is a traitor, a manipulator, death to the fake kill the king checkmate.”


“What ya gonna do?

Where ya gonna go?

The rock won’t hide you he said hell no

All the money in the world and you still can’t buy salvation

ya only friend the devil huh, ya heard that he’s waiting

Oldest friend of knowledge and he is cunning in his ways

don’t you know its a game that he plays?

How you gonna find your way if you don’t know your astray?

Better wake up and rebel

don’t buy what they sell”



Madeleine Live @ Lit Lounge in NYC 14/03/14 recap

Madeleine performed live debuting new music off the Chinese Bamboo EP at Lit Lounge in nyc March 14th, 2014.
The crowd was captivated by Madeleine’s calm and confident demeanor as she sang lyrics the audience was soon comparing to a new version of Bob Dylan and Kate Bush.
Crowd pleasers were ‘Mr Jailer’, ‘Traffic’ and ‘10,000 years’ – the latter leaving the room in a silent trance as Madeleine carried them on a melodic journey around the world through centuries of history.

To listen to tracks off the forthcoming EP click here

Rehearsals took place at Rivington Music Studios, it’s all about the process –


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