What’s on my mind: a revolution of ideas

What is the difference between creating and contributing to positive growth?
Is it enough to achieve without making the world better?
Through artistic creation we can awaken, awaken humanity towards the realization of love and the only remedy.

It will be individual revelation that will be the revolution. It will be individual inner change that will constitute the collective conscious balance. This is how the world will change, and every ailment with it. Not by doing per say, but by being. Remembering who we are and our connection to one another, this is how light overcomes any darkness.

It starts with small changes in the way we think, the way we act, the way we take care of ourselves, the way we eat, the images we consume; which will culminate in an inner growth that our outer experience will mirror.

What is conceived in the eye of the mind gives birth to reality.


Madeleine Live @ Lit Lounge in NYC 14/03/14 recap

Madeleine performed live debuting new music off the Chinese Bamboo EP at Lit Lounge in nyc March 14th, 2014.
The crowd was captivated by Madeleine’s calm and confident demeanor as she sang lyrics the audience was soon comparing to a new version of Bob Dylan and Kate Bush.
Crowd pleasers were ‘Mr Jailer’, ‘Traffic’ and ‘10,000 years’ – the latter leaving the room in a silent trance as Madeleine carried them on a melodic journey around the world through centuries of history.

To listen to tracks off the forthcoming EP click here

Rehearsals took place at Rivington Music Studios, it’s all about the process –


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New Music: Traffic

Written by Madeleine
Executive produced by Madeleine Twyman
Produced by Patrick Bardos
Bass/Guitars by Patrick Bardos
Drums by Nic Prabahran
Mixed by Slept on Studios
Mastered by Sterling Sound

Creating awareness on and for the abolishment of Human trafficking.
There are over 27 million slaves in the world today.
Suffering anywhere affects us everywhere.

Show re-cap: The Rockpile 10/22/13

Excerpts from “Chinese Bamboo” by Madeleine, with contemporary dancers Jane Ongaro and Alyshia Jackson live at the Rockpile Oct 22nd, 2013 – hostd by Deirdre Mallehe of Musically yours FM
vocals and lyrics by M.Twyman
choreography by M.Twyman










My second single “10,000 years” released via BeeFM

My second single “10,000 years” was recently released via BeeFM and their indie worldwide summer event.


Listen to “10,000 years” here:

BeeFm has reviewed the song as ‘powerful’ and ‘the bravest song recorded in a while’.

10,000 art4

“10,000 years”
Written by Madeleine Twyman
Produced by Patrick Bardos
Recorded at Slept on Studios
Mastered by Sterling Sound